Heavenly Frosted Cupcakes
See! They're being eaten already!

See! They're being eaten already!

So I caved in and had another photo shoot. Apparently you lot weren’t convinced that there would be more than 15 items for sale on Sunday, despite our having advertised an offering of 40+ items. Are you guys demanding, or what?

Well now the surprise is ruined, and the few jewels I was saving as some sort of heavily frosted cupcakes, if you will, for all you budding handbag collectors, have been unveiled… But without all the pomp and ceremony I’d been concocting in my silly little head.

On Sunday, as you now know (because it’s plastered all over the bloody Catalogue page – I’m really quite upset about this), you will have the opportunity to purchase four VINTAGE handbags by none other than Chanel and Hermès! Are you excited? Or ARE YOU EXCITED?

It’s only very rarely that an FAH source agrees to part with such special pieces, and so we are literally savouring every minute of this. Even if you lot don’t buy them, we will still be so thrilled to have had them in our auction. Their inclusion in the catalogue really has made all the coughing, sneezing and wheezing (some of us don’t handle stress very well you see?) worthwhile.

But… umm… Please don’t take what I just said as some sort of invitation to arrive on Sunday, gawk at the four items and not bid.

On Sunday you must bid, bid, BID oh!! You really must! I want to see hands raised frantically, and even pushing and SHOVING if need be! SCRATCH that girl’s eye out if she dares to outbid you, TRIP her up if you need to. Do WHATEVER it takes to get your hands on these precious (and now I’m referring to all the catalogue) items. Because I promise you, you’ll be kicking yourself on Monday morning when you wake up in a cold sweat having spent the night dreaming of that chunky, soft and deliciously Chanel, shopper, only to find yourself surrounded by nothing but last season’s Guccis and Pradas!

(P.S. We have nothing but loooove for Gucci or Prada, or for the year 2008. We’re just tired, hungry, sniffly, and obsessing over VINTAGE finds à ce moment).