Recession Blues

wonder-womanSo apparently we’re in the middle of a recession. Did you know this? I have been told it a million times in the last 2 months, but call me crazy, I can’t see it anywhere! Can anybody help me? What does a recession look like? What should it look like? Lagos is still as noisy as ever, hawkers are still selling everything under the sun in the streets, and people are still buying all these things that they will probably never use. Business couldn’t be better at Strands and The Nail Place, where I happen to be sitting right now typing away. And Nigerian women are still walking into hair salons dressed from head to toe in net-a-porter’s finest! They are probably even looking more fabulous these days, or is it that I just happen to be paying closer attention, given my own comparative non-fabulousness.

Why am I moaning about the recession? Because I want to have another auction, that’s why! And this bloody recession is getting in my way. Someone told me the other day that the women FAH targets probably haven’t and won’t be affected by this mythical green-eyed monster. How true is this I wonder? Perhaps I’ll just go ahead and plan the June auction regardless, and then find out the hard way?

We’ll see.

Before I forget, the website has been updated. Though you probably already know this if you’re reading this post. (Gosh is anyone going to read this post?!) I’m too ashamed to send an email out to the Mailing List informing them of the updates because Mint Condition was a whole 35 days ago. 35 days ago!! I had no clue I could be this disorganised. In fact before the auction I thought of myself as some kind of super-woman, indestructible and capable of anything, even running a one-woman ship, planning an auction, hosting an auction, chasing buyers, chasing sellers, updating a blog, and holding down a full-time job.

Yes, I’m heading to the doctor now to get my head checked. Xxx