Two Weeks Later

The slacker life tastes so good!

I have my life back now, and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s a terrible thing for Fashion Auction House though because the slideshow is still screaming at you to come on the 15th of Feb to Mint Condition, the catalogue and its prices are still incorrect, the blog is stale and the Photo Album page, which I promised would be up two days after the event, is non-existent. It isn’t even a foetus, I have done squat.

I should apologise for how bad I’ve been, but when I consider the amount of sleep-deprivation I suffered in the run up to MC, and the number of hang-out sessions, pool parties, drinks parties and club nights I missed out on, my acute laziness feels somewhat justified.

Mint Condition went brilliantly and this post, among other things, is a huuuuuge thank youuuuu to everyone who came out on the 15th. Saipan was packed with beautiful men and women, and even though I didn’t get the chance to chat to everyone because I was running around like a headless chicken, it was amazing to see people really enjoying themselves. I suppose the cosmpolitans, margaritas and champagne did more than their fair share at creating such a buzz-filled atmosphere, and so I should thank them too. Thanks drinkies!!

Don’t worry folks, photos from the event will be up soon, I promise! Though you probably don’t care anymore seeing as Mint Condition is probably a thing in the distant past to you now. Well like it or not, there will be photos, and a new slideshow, and you’ll see all this one way or another, especially as I will be bombarding you all with yet another email any minute now.

The next event is already in the pipeline and promises to be even better than our launch party! If you haven’t already joined the Mailing List now would be a good time to do so, unless you want to miss out on the juicy deets when they become available. Send an email with the subject title ‘Mailing List’ to info {at} fashionauctionhouse {dot} com.

I will be back… (sooner than you think)… Xxx