Friday Night Rant


It is 2am on a Friday night, and in lieu of partying up a storm at Auto Lounge with my friends, I am at home on my laptop, sitting on the floor in the middle of rows of handbags, price lists and tons and tons of paper. Am I obsessed? Or am I obsessed? Thank heavens you can’t see me right now. I look like a mad scientist, or better yet, Victor Frankenstein (complete with crazily scary hair) in the throes of some monstrous experiment. Did I tell you that Fashion Auction House has completely consumed my life? Yes I believe I did.

Thankfully this isn’t some uber geeky experiment that no one else wants to partake in. I have friends literally falling over themselves to help out. O.K. They weren’t exactly falling over themselves to price bag after bag after bag earlier this evening, but their excitement certainly did grow when I demonstrated how one could easily combine copious amounts of wine and man-talk with my new and irritating but very glamorous best friend, Fashion Auction House, who just happens to love gate-crashing parties, gatherings and the odd spa day here and there.

This leads me to say that if you, like my friends, have even the slightest doubt about Fashion Auction House, or about coming to Mint Condition, Fashion Auction House’s coming out party, not only must you be suffering from some brain-impairing ailment (I hear mosquitoes carry all sorts of things these days) but you clearly haven’t heard of the long list of things we have lined up.

Do you really think it would be wise to miss out on…

1. Divine Handbags
2. Divatastic Shoes
3. Delicious (mouth-watering if you will) Dresses
4. Canapés
5. Champagne
6. Bucket-loads of Wine
7. Cosmopolitans
8. Margaritas
9. Apple-jitos

Oh and did I mention that the drinks and canapés will be complimentary i.e. freeeeee?

What else did you expect?! FAH is my new, superstar BFF after all! Gosh, get with the program people! ;P