Get this Party Started!

burbFashion Auction House [dot] [com] is ALIVE! FINALLY! Are you excited? You’d better be!

Sneaking online at the office to O.K. or say ‘Nay’ to Fiona’s web page tweaking has been fun, but oh so tiring! This project has taken over my life these past months. Every evening has been spent gazing into wardrobes three times the size of my bedroom, every Saturday, stalking gorgeous girls at Strands and the Day Spa, trying so unsubtly to slip FAH into conversation. I’ve been to more bars, fashion events and birthday dos than I ever thought possible, all because of this one cocktail party and auction house that came into being completely by accident.

If I’d known this was where it would land me, perhaps I would’ve shut up back in November when the idea leaped into my head unannounced and uninvited (I kid you not). O.K. I think I just told my first lie on the FAH blog, because if you know anything about me, you’ll know that the one thing I can never do when I’m excited is shut up. Which is why this is probably going to be the shortest post I ever write. But that’s only because the wonderful Tenne will be here any minute to take the studio shots of the ‘Top 30 Most Wanted’ pieces from the catalogue (as voted for by the Fashion Auction House Team). So stay tuuuuuned, because FAH and me have so much more in store. Lots of Love! Xxx